Australian Police Sting Finds One in Five Owners Incorrectly Storing Guns

Australian Police Sting Finds One in Five Owners Incorrectly Storing Guns
Police have seized 14 firearms and a cross bow from people who have failed to uphold firearm storage requirements in Melbourne’s inner north-west. As part of an operation targeting breaches of firearm storage, police from the North West Metro region knocked on the doors of 62 houses in northern and western suburbs to check licensed owners were storing their guns correctly. Detective Superintendent Alan Byrnes said that nearly one in five gun owners were found… [Age (Melbourne), via]

Former Cop, Top Shooter Charged with Gun Trafficking in Canada
A retired Lethbridge police officer accused in an illegal Calgary gun ring now faces new charges. Daniel Francis Bennett, 65, is accused of falsely reporting to police that several handguns had been stolen from his West Lethbridge garage and then filing a bogus insurance claim. Calgary police later uncovered some of those guns as they searched for the source of an illegal weapons trade on the streets of Calgary. Bennett, who retired from the Lethbridge Regional Police… [Lethbridge Herald (Alberta), via]

Riflescopes for Hunting Wild Boar

You would always find shooters that are simply not ready to accept the utility of a rifle scope for the type of hunting they specialize in. But this sort of blinkered notion only exposes their lack of knowledge of advances made by cutting edge optics and the enormous help they provide to hunters in ensuring a correct hit.

However, this does not mean that conventional iron sights or peep sights have become completely useless; rather, they are very useful in certain specific situations and no shooter worth their salt would ever deny this. But such an aversion to optics might arise from using either low quality lenses or improperly mounted rifle scopes sometime in the past and does not actually gel with the practical benefit of using a scope. If a shooter uses a rifle scope that has adequate magnification and is properly mounted and zeroed and suits their requirement in the type of hunting they specialize in, there should not be any reason for this allergy towards riflescopes.

Now let us shift from generalizations to the very specific topic of hunting wild boars. Generally wild boar hunting is done at ranges that vary between 100-150 yards and might be termed as short to medium. This is so because wild boars are generally found in terrains that have thick cover of undergrowth and bushes and a shot can rarely be aimed at a distance of more than 100 yards. This gives an additional benefit to the hunter. They can use the same rifle and the same hunting scope for shooting deer too.

The most common error in choosing a hunting scope for shooting wild boar is to pick up a rifle scope that has more magnification than required. Shooters usually make the common mistake of assuming that the larger the magnification the better would be the aim, but this is not always the case. Rather, a magnification of higher level ends up in only making the hunter poorer by a few dollars instead of adding any real value to the accuracy of the shot. A hunting scope with smaller magnification would also be lighter and easier to manipulate and handle than a bulkier one. So, it would be sound decision to first decide the degree of magnification actually required in short to medium range hunting and choose a hunting scope that has just adequate magnification. There is one other practical reason for choosing a hunting scope with just adequate magnification and that is a wild boar at 100-150 yards range is a sufficiently large target if viewed through a 4X hunting scope, any larger magnification may actually lead to a miss as the target would become so intricately magnified that the hunter may lose notion of the perspective and end up hitting at a wrong place on the target.

So, a hunter should choose a hunting scope that suits their style of hunting best instead of getting carried away by fancy magnifications and outlandish gadgetry.


Grip Pod, The Best Weapon Stabilization System

About the Grip Pod

A Grip Pod is an innovative weapon stabilization system with integrated vertical fore grip for certain automatic weapons and assault rifles. The weapon has a strong and stable Bipod for aimed firing to give a grip on the weapon and their leg position’s that mounts at the push button of the user. This not only transforms the weapon into a much handier one but also helps avoiding it from losing its position of firing. These grip attachments manufactured from aerospace materials are specially designed for the military and law enforcements.
This automatic system was created back in 2003. Mr. Joseph R. Moody and Mr. Joseph D. Gaddini laid the foundation. This has successfully been accepted and implemented by the United States Army and Air Force, U.S.M.C, FBI, DEA, Customs Border Patrol, National Guard, British Army and special forces and federal agencies worldwide.

The Grip Pod is not like the usual conventional vertical grips. Rather it enables the gun to perform the bi-pod function to be used on the ground when used from a seated position. This technique is called the simple snap and release design technique.

There is a thick button designed with a texture feel on the side of the Pod. This proves to be helpful in providing grip while firing incase if it’s windy or even raining. By installing the Bipod system we ensure that the rifle will stably hold any surface, be it a table, ground, or any rough surface for that matter and extended in all relevant positions, if sitting or even lying down.
The materials used to design the bipod are high density polymers or stainless steel depending upon the grades. They can be stated flexible because of their strong traction to stabilize and hold the ground well. And this Flexibility proves to be an additional favorable feature as it easily recoils.
Now, the polymers used for different grades are:

  • Stainless steel is used for the Military grade.
  • The super strong polymer is used for the Law enforcement.

Both the models are exceptionally good products. Stainless steel is costlier than any other polymer which means that the law enforcement model is cheaper than the military model.
There are various other models available in the market. There are companies who manufacture genuine models but there are companies who manufacture imitation models also. Like any imitation items available in terms of food, jewelry, electronics we prefer to buy the genuine ones over the imitations simply because they are safe and last longer.
Likewise, while buying the Grip pods, it should be 100% genuine and authentic. There is not much difference in the looks of a genuine and an imitation one but its durability and life surely varies.

The materials used are not completely authentic. Over a period of time system loses its grip or even breaks because it is made up of cheap material. The wing nut also strips that were used when being tightened the barrels.
So, be careful while picking up and prefer genuine products as they last longer.

Member of SpecOps Team Killed in Rescue of Doctor

Member of SpecOps Team Killed in Rescue of Doctor

Military cracks down on alcohol abuse amid age-old binging habit
At, a firearms website popular with military members, one commenter described Military Special booze as: “No good for sipping, but for shots it works;” another said: “I am not sure I would clean battery terminals with that crap.”

What renewing the Undetectable Firearms Act means for 3D-printed guns. FAQ
To public knowledge, no. Michael “Haveblue” Guslick has had the most success with this idea, designing and printing a component for the AR15 sport rifle known as the lower receiver. He says he fired almost 100 rounds from his design in a test.

Wrongfully Convicted WWII Soldier Dies

Unfamiliar Mission Awaits Division in Afghanistan

Army Captain Awarded Silver Star at Bliss

Machine-gun sting nets conviction for Sequim man
Troberg said the weapon was a Panther Arms AR15 5.56 mm rifle, a civilian version of the military M16 5.56 mm rifle. “The appearance and condition of the trigger sear surface and disconnector mechanism suggests the alteration of the mechanism …

Kentucky: Important Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Needs Your Vote on November 6

Kentucky: Important Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment Needs Your Vote on November 6
You have the opportunity on November 6 to enshrine hunting and fishing for current and future generations in Kentucky by voting YES on the Constitutional Amendment. The National Rifle Association has been working throughout the country to adopt meaningful state Right to Hunt and Fish constitutional amendments for good reason.  We see what the well-funded “animal rights” extremist groups are doing to erode our sporting heritage in countless states.  To assume the attacks will never come to Kentucky is naïve.  

Univision does its homework
Univision has done some outstanding investigative reporting on Operation Fast and Furious, the ill conceived and disastrously executed gun smuggling operation that was designed to identify the kingpins of a Mexican firearms trafficking network but resulted in the transfer of approximately 2,000 high powered weapons into the hands of dangerous thugs connected with the drug cartels. A recently issued report from the Justice Department’s inspector general criticizes the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Arizona, and senior DOJ officials for their roles in this botched investi¡gation. The report cites “a series of misguided strategies, tactics, errors in judgment, and management failures that permeated ATF Headquarters and the Phoenix Field Division, as well as the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

Wildfires pop up during first Colo. rifle season

Wildfires pop up during first Colo. rifle season
Colorado’s first rifle-hunting season this weekend also saw the start of several fires across the San Juan National Forest aided by high winds and dry conditions, according to the U.S. Forest Service. However, Southwest Colorado is not …

MIL-SPEC MONKEY … Wednesday, 08 July 2009 01:18 -A Little area for documenting “fun” non regulation morale patches.

Vadodara shooters bring laurels for Baroda Rifle Club
VADODARA: By now winning has become a second nature for Deepak Ramdas Halwai and Ishwar Singh, the honorary secretary and vice-president respectively of one of the oldest rifle clubs of Gujarat, the Baroda Rifle Club (BRC) . But, this year’s win …

National Rifle Association endorses Mitt Romney
FISHERSVILLE, Virginia — The National Rifle Association, the biggest gun rights lobby in the United States, announced Thursday its endorsement of Republican Mitt Romney for president. “I am proud to have their support for my candidacy, and …

CHI 340075 RHINO 40DS 357 4IN NKL – Gun And Bow Accessories
CHI 340075 RHINO 40DS 357 4IN NKL: Manufacturer: Hi Point Firearms (mks) Item#: SS-340075: Out of Stock: $1,323.99

Wicked Lasers kills iPhone 5 with lasers and a flashlight

Wicked Lasers kills iPhone 5 with lasers and a flashlight
Every time a new gadget launches with lots of pomp and fanfare, there is always someone out there that buys one just to break it. Geeks are good tearing stuff up and over the years it’s become a bit of an art form to come up with the craziest way to …

Flashlight bomber preying on greed and curiosity
A new government report says the so-called “Valley flashlight bomber” was counting on the “greed and general curiosity” of his or her victims. Three flashlights rigged as improvised explosive devices blew up over an 11-day period back in May. Two were …

FBI Tracking 100 Suspected Extremists In

There is never any shortage for gamers interested in experiencing modern combat through the eyes of a soldier on the front lines. But for those who are more intrigued by those operating behind enemy lines, spending days lining up a single shot that could …

FBI Tracking 100 Suspected Extremists In
The FBI has conducted more than 100 investigations into suspected Islamic extremists within the