Member of SpecOps Team Killed in Rescue of Doctor

Military cracks down on alcohol abuse amid age-old binging habit
At, a firearms website popular with military members, one commenter described Military Special booze as: “No good for sipping, but for shots it works;” another said: “I am not sure I would clean battery terminals with that crap.”

What renewing the Undetectable Firearms Act means for 3D-printed guns. FAQ
To public knowledge, no. Michael “Haveblue” Guslick has had the most success with this idea, designing and printing a component for the AR15 sport rifle known as the lower receiver. He says he fired almost 100 rounds from his design in a test.

Wrongfully Convicted WWII Soldier Dies

Unfamiliar Mission Awaits Division in Afghanistan

Army Captain Awarded Silver Star at Bliss

Machine-gun sting nets conviction for Sequim man
Troberg said the weapon was a Panther Arms AR15 5.56 mm rifle, a civilian version of the military M16 5.56 mm rifle. “The appearance and condition of the trigger sear surface and disconnector mechanism suggests the alteration of the mechanism …

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