About the Grip Pod

A Grip Pod is an innovative weapon stabilization system with integrated vertical fore grip for certain automatic weapons and assault rifles. The weapon has a strong and stable Bipod for aimed firing to give a grip on the weapon and their leg position’s that mounts at the push button of the user. This not only transforms the weapon into a much handier one but also helps avoiding it from losing its position of firing. These grip attachments manufactured from aerospace materials are specially designed for the military and law enforcements.
This automatic system was created back in 2003. Mr. Joseph R. Moody and Mr. Joseph D. Gaddini laid the foundation. This has successfully been accepted and implemented by the United States Army and Air Force, U.S.M.C, FBI, DEA, Customs Border Patrol, National Guard, British Army and special forces and federal agencies worldwide.

The Grip Pod is not like the usual conventional vertical grips. Rather it enables the gun to perform the bi-pod function to be used on the ground when used from a seated position. This technique is called the simple snap and release design technique.

There is a thick button designed with a texture feel on the side of the Pod. This proves to be helpful in providing grip while firing incase if it’s windy or even raining. By installing the Bipod system we ensure that the rifle will stably hold any surface, be it a table, ground, or any rough surface for that matter and extended in all relevant positions, if sitting or even lying down.
The materials used to design the bipod are high density polymers or stainless steel depending upon the grades. They can be stated flexible because of their strong traction to stabilize and hold the ground well. And this Flexibility proves to be an additional favorable feature as it easily recoils.
Now, the polymers used for different grades are:

  • Stainless steel is used for the Military grade.
  • The super strong polymer is used for the Law enforcement.

Both the models are exceptionally good products. Stainless steel is costlier than any other polymer which means that the law enforcement model is cheaper than the military model.
There are various other models available in the market. There are companies who manufacture genuine models but there are companies who manufacture imitation models also. Like any imitation items available in terms of food, jewelry, electronics we prefer to buy the genuine ones over the imitations simply because they are safe and last longer.
Likewise, while buying the Grip pods, it should be 100% genuine and authentic. There is not much difference in the looks of a genuine and an imitation one but its durability and life surely varies.

The materials used are not completely authentic. Over a period of time system loses its grip or even breaks because it is made up of cheap material. The wing nut also strips that were used when being tightened the barrels.
So, be careful while picking up and prefer genuine products as they last longer.

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