Red Dot Sights

Red Dot Sights
4/10/2012 7:14:02 PM By starsky: By MARSH1: By starsky: Hello everyone, I’m pretty much done with my first AR15 build and I have a few questions about my sight setup. Currently I have a rifle length free float rail, with Magpul front and rear gen 2 sights. The front is as far up as I [...]

Weaver .22 & Ruger 77 Scope Rings – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope …
Weaver .22 & Ruger 77 Scope Rings – MSP AR-15 Accessories, Scope …Precision and Tactical Weaver .22 & Ruger 77 Scope Rings: from MSP – Mounting Solutions Plus Firearm Accessories and Scope Mounts & Rings. Products for shooters … Weaver 3B Side Mount Base, 48412 for Winchester 94 after 1964: MSP …Precision and Tactical Weaver [...]

Insight Technology
Insight Technology Insight Technology 3/14/2012 6:54:57 AM TrackSol: Grymm19: Here is the current Air Force Instructions (AFI) for qualifying with rifle and carbine. Go to page 18 to see exactly what we shoot. This is up to date, as I completed this less than a year ago. Edit: Here is the target used as [...]

Fears firearms registry has been cracked by criminals

Fears firearms registry has been cracked by criminals
Fifty firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been stolen from registered New South Wales gun owners in the past 16 days, prompting fears the firearms registry has been compromised.

Oral Arguments Presented in Shepard v. Madigan
Fairfax, Va. – Oral arguments have been presented in front of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit in Shepard v. Madigan.  The case involves lead plaintiff Mary Shepard, an Illinois resident and a trained gun owner with no criminal record, who is licensed to carry a concealed handgun in both Utah and Florida.  The National Rifle Association is funding this case.  The Illinois State Rifle and Pistol Association is a co-plaintiff in this case.

Louisiana Pro-Gun Constitutional Amendment Passes State Legislature
Fairfax, Va. – The Louisiana Senate has passed Senate Bill 303, a constitutional amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms, by a 34 to 4 vote.  This bill passed in the state House by a 77 to 22 vote last week and will now be placed on the ballot in November for voters to ratify.  If approved by voters, it will be the most cogent and comprehensive pro-Second Amendment state constitutional amendment in the nation.  Forty-four states have provisions in their constitutions protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

Venezuela bans private gun ownership
Under the new law, only the army, police and certain groups like security companies will be able to buy arms from the state‑owned weapons manufacturer and importer.

A pioneering gun rights case comes to a close
The final chapter of a trailblazing Second Amendment lawsuit appears to have been written. Yesterday a full panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit issued its decision in Nordyke v. King, upholding an Alameda County, California gun control ordinance regulating gun shows at the county fairgrounds. The case first originated more than a decade ago when gun show promoters Russell and Sallie Nordyke filed a Second Amendment challenge against the county’s 1999 ban on the possession of firearms on county owned property, a law enacted primarily to prevent any guns from being sold at the fairgrounds. The Nordykes’ suit didn’t really pick up steam until 2008, however, when the U.S. Supreme issued its decision in District of Columbia v. Heller, which struck down Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban and ruled definitively that the Second Amendment secures an individual right, not a collective one, to keep and bear arms.

After 13 Years, Ninth Circuit Nordyke Ruling Allows Gun Shows On Alameda County Fairgrounds
On June 1, 2012 an en banc panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its ruling in Nordyke v. King.

Young Texans Rise to the Challenge in Important Second Amendment Case
In late May, the NRA sent out a request for 18 to 20-year-old Texas NRA members interested in being plaintiffs in our ongoing lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of the federal prohibition on young adults purchasing handguns from federally licensed firearm dealers.

SWAT rampage destroys Iraq vet’s home over guns
While Army Sgt. Matthew Corrigan was sound asleep inside his Northwest D.C. home, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) was preparing to launch a full-scale invasion of his home. SWAT and explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) teams spent four hours readying the assault on the English basement apartment in the middle of the snowstorm of the century.The police arrested the veteran of the Iraq war and searched his house without a warrant, not to protect the public from a terrorist or stop a crime in progress, but to rouse a sleeping man the police thought might have an unregistered gun in his home.

Sen. Moran amendment accepted to protect Second Amendment rights of Americans
U.S. Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) introduced an amendment today to protect the rights of American gun owners from the effects of a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty in the Senate Appropriations Committee. The Second Amendment Sovereignty Act passed in committee today and would prevent the Obama Administration from negotiating an Arms Trade Treaty that restricts in any way Americans’ Second Amendment rights, or that regulates the domestic manufacture, possession or purchase of firearms and ammunition – therefore restricting the lawful private ownership of firearms in the United States.

Take Five: Staying Safe

Take Five: Staying Safe
Tips to help create a safer environment for students, faculty and staff

Officers Receive Lifesaving Awards
Three members of Duke Police were recognized in July

Robbery Reported on East Campus
Individual reported robbery between Bassett, Brown Residence Halls

Man Arrested in Connection with Bomb Threats to Duke
20-year-old temporary employee of McDonalds charged with two felonies

Duke In Pictures: Tips N’ Treats With Police
The Duke University Police Department hosts their biannual meet-and-greet series

Re: Its a slight bulge

Re: Its a slight bulge
Re: Its a slight bulge AAC will probably quote you the law on the tube. I think many would as a dented tube would carry a l… Better Is BannedOne of the major polymer magazine producers, the American firm Army Stands By Ban on ‘Unauthorized’ PMAGsIt was the way the Army went about improving the [...]

Vortex SPARC
Vortex SPARC Vortex SPARC It is going to be used strictly as a hunting rig, namely for coyotes. So as of right now I am unable to mount and test it but once I get it mounted up I will put it … Continue reading → Red Dot Sights 4/19/2012 9:19:17 AM By sh0ck1999: By [...]

Eotech Eotech Any suggestions or personal experiences would be appreciated! Well it depends on what your like better? the holo sight picture or just a red dot, you need to go to a store and look at both. Only you can decided what you want. Both EOTech and aimpoint will serve you well for life. [...]

Ghillie Suit
Ghillie Suit Ghillie Suit I would think go with a desert Ghillie Suit suit and add some green, this based upon you want it to match the MC. eggrolly 7/27/2011 4:16:45 PM Again it goes to what you are seeking to accomplish… Are you breakin up your outline?or are you doing the stalk… The no-shit [...]

Grassroots News Alert: Vol. 19, No. 21 05/25/2012

Grassroots News Alert: Vol. 19, No. 21 05/25/2012

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Sen. Cornyn wants to know if ICE agent was victim of ‘Texas-based operation similar to Fast and Furious’
Texas Sen. John Cornyn said Wednesday that he wants to know whether murdered Immigrations & Customs Enforcement agent Jaime Zapata “was a victim of a second Texas-based gun-walking operation similar to Fast and Furious.”

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Vortex SPARC

5/2/2012 9:37:55 AM AR-15 BB: AR-15 Rich_V: AR-15 Redtazdog: And that is why I made a adjustable gas block for my 308 . Me too! SLICK. Hows it work? It’s basically a needle valve with 12 dent positions per turn, one full turn is about 100% open. When used on my AR10 with standard 150 gr loads I get full function with it about half way open. When set to closed it is completely closed. I used 17-4 stainless for the construction. As others have said, puts the brass in a neat pile a few feet away with noticeably less/smother recoil. SICARIO

Pistol Grips

4/4/2012 2:36:08 PM I think a pistol pistol grip often times is more comfortable to people with smaller hands. The pistol grip on a Remington for example stretches my hand too far and the angle is not comfortable. Plus it feels more like an AR. Personally, I love the pistol grip. Personal preference I know there has been talk about these since they were first seen awhile back, but I guess its worth starting a dedicated thread now that these are so close to getting launched. Here is a quick article I wrote for Military Times, and some pictures of the BCM Gunfighter Enhanced Pistol Grip. For people who are wondering, this pistol grip angle is not like pistol pistol grip angles where one feels off when you are used to another (think 1911 vs Glock). The pistol grip angle of the Gunfighter pistol grip feels very right, even for those of us with decades of trigger time on the M16/M4/AR15 family of weapons. I know Paul and his crew are super busy, but Pat can probably answer a bunch of questions, and I’ll fill in what I can based on having them sitting here next to me and using them. Stickman