4/4/2012 2:36:08 PM I think a pistol pistol grip often times is more comfortable to people with smaller hands. The pistol grip on a Remington for example stretches my hand too far and the angle is not comfortable. Plus it feels more like an AR. Personally, I love the pistol grip. Personal preference I know there has been talk about these since they were first seen awhile back, but I guess its worth starting a dedicated thread now that these are so close to getting launched. Here is a quick article I wrote for Military Times, and some pictures of the BCM Gunfighter Enhanced Pistol Grip. For people who are wondering, this pistol grip angle is not like pistol pistol grip angles where one feels off when you are used to another (think 1911 vs Glock). The pistol grip angle of the Gunfighter pistol grip feels very right, even for those of us with decades of trigger time on the M16/M4/AR15 family of weapons. I know Paul and his crew are super busy, but Pat can probably answer a bunch of questions, and I’ll fill in what I can based on having them sitting here next to me and using them. http://militarytimes.com/blogs/gearscout/2012/01/17/bcm-gunfighter-enhanced-pistol-grip/ Stickman

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