Red Dot Sights

Red Dot Sights 4/10/2012 7:14:02 PM By starsky: By MARSH1: By starsky: Hello everyone, I’m pretty much done with my first AR15 build and I have a few questions about my sight setup. Currently I have a rifle length free float rail, with Magpul front and rear gen 2 sights. The front is as far… Read more »

Fears firearms registry has been cracked by criminals

Fears firearms registry has been cracked by criminals Fifty firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition have been stolen from registered New South Wales gun owners in the past 16 days, prompting fears the firearms registry has been compromised. Oral Arguments Presented in Shepard v. MadiganFairfax, Va. – Oral arguments have been presented in front… Read more »

Take Five: Staying Safe

Take Five: Staying SafeTips to help create a safer environment for students, faculty and staff Officers Receive Lifesaving AwardsThree members of Duke Police were recognized in July Robbery Reported on East CampusIndividual reported robbery between Bassett, Brown Residence Halls Man Arrested in Connection with Bomb Threats to Duke20-year-old temporary employee of McDonalds charged with two… Read more »

Re: Its a slight bulge

Re: Its a slight bulge Re: Its a slight bulge AAC will probably quote you the law on the tube. I think many would as a dented tube would carry a l… Better Is BannedOne of the major polymer magazine producers, the American firm Army Stands By Ban on ‘Unauthorized’ PMAGsIt was the way the… Read more »

Grassroots News Alert: Vol. 19, No. 21 05/25/2012

Grassroots News Alert: Vol. 19, No. 21 05/25/2012 AR-15 Rifles : AR-15 Rifle Sights, Grips, Scopes & AR-15 …Find a wide variety of AR-15 rifles, rifle accessories and AR-15 parts at Cabela’s. … MWG 90 Rounder AR-15 Magazine Sen. Cornyn wants to know if ICE agent was victim of ‘Texas-based operation similar to Fast and… Read more »

Vortex SPARC

5/2/2012 9:37:55 AM AR-15 BB: AR-15 Rich_V: AR-15 Redtazdog: And that is why I made a adjustable gas block for my 308 . Me too! SLICK. Hows it work? It’s basically a needle valve with 12 dent positions per turn, one full turn is about 100% open. When used on my AR10 with… Read more »

Pistol Grips

4/4/2012 2:36:08 PM I think a pistol pistol grip often times is more comfortable to people with smaller hands. The pistol grip on a Remington for example stretches my hand too far and the angle is not comfortable. Plus it feels more like an AR. Personally, I love the pistol grip. Personal preference I know… Read more »